What is Artist Originals?

Artist Originals is an independent record label and a division of JioSaavn, the world’s largest South Asian music streaming service with 160+ million monthly active users. We represent South Asian artists on a global scale, with offices in  New York, California, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Bengaluru.

Where will my releases be available?

We distribute to more than 100 digital partners in nearly 200 territories as part of our standard service, including all of the leading platforms.

Which audio formats do you accept? 

For the submission form, we accept audio links from services such as Google, Soundcloud, and Youtube. For Audio release files, our accepted formats are WAV (.wav) and FLAC (.flac) files in 16-bit or 24 bit.

Do I need permission to include samples of other peoples’ music in mine?

Yes, you must obtain written permission from the rightsholder of the track you’re sampling in order to ‘clear’ the sample. Without this, you are infringing on their copyright, which is not permissible. If your music contains samples, you must provide proof of the relevant license via email before submitting it.

What is Artist Insights on JioSaavn?

Artist Dashboard is a tool that provides insights on who streams your music on JioSaavn. There is different data available to help you further plan your sound, tour plans, and artist career trajectory. To access your dashboard, go to the Artist Insights website, and tap on the ‘GET ACCESS’ button. For more help, refer to our full Artist Insights Guide.

Looking to get in touch with one of our artists?

For booking & management contacts, please refer to individual artists’ pages or reach out to info@artistoriginals.in.

Interested in licensing an Artist Originals track?

If you’re looking to use an Artist Originals track in a TV or Film project, you can go through our Sync Site to view our one-stop catalog and fill out a request form.

If you’d like to cover an Artist Originals song or sample one of our tracks in your music, you can reach out to angelina@artistoriginals.in. Please be sure to include all of the details about your project.

Want to join the team?

To learn more about available career opportunities, please follow the link for our JioSaavn Careers site here. Our current openings will be located under Artist Originals.

Are you looking for interns?

Sorry! Not at the moment, but you can send your resume to hr@jiosaavn.com and we’ll keep it on file in case anything opens up.

Have another question?

Click here to find all the necessary contact information for Artist Originals and get in touch with us.