Sickick is a Canadian EDM artist known for his originality and rejuvenating music. He makes a unique fusion of R&B vocals and dark tones. His music has mass appeal and cultivates the idea of reaching one's full potential by overcoming "whatever your dark side may hold".

Wearing a mask in public is his signature style which he believes forces people to judge him solely on his music.Toronto born Sickick had been working behind the scenes for a long time, creating music for mainstream artists. He emerged from relative obscurity with the release of YouTube videos of his music. Since then, his rise to prominence has been meteoric. The masked DJ believes he can create the purest form of music from physical and natural elements anytime anywhere. He has shared his videos of creating music while sitting in a car or through a phone. The phrase "Music is everywhere" is Sickick's way of life. Sickick's debut 10 track EP Talksick, which was a fine blend of drum, bass and dark tunes, was an instant hit. Say My Name was the most popular track from the album and was one of the top trending songs of 2014. The multifaceted songs combined many genres and were instant party starters. Songs like Knock Me Off My Feet, Nightlife, Clean up Anthem, Guilty as Sin and World on Fire grabbed attention around the world for their mean beats and impassioned yet haunting music. Within two years of his launch, Sickick was asked to open a concert for Drake, the famous canadian R&B and hip-hop artist. Sickick's fans call themselves the SickickArmy on the Internet and trend by the hashtag #SpreadTheSickness. Sickick's latest single, No Games, was launched in collaboration with Saavn under Saavn Artist Originals (AO), a program launched in February 2017 to empower South Asian artists, songwriters and producers. The pop/EDM track is addictive and speaks achingly of the challenges of love.

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