Shadow and Light


Shadow and Light is an innovative fusion music band based out of New Delhi. The contemporary fusion musical duo comprises singer Pavithra Chari and keyboardist Anindo Bose. The group is known for fusing multiple modern genres (electronica, jazz and blues) with Indian classical music.

After two years of songwriting, mixing genres and compiling tracks, Pavithra and Anindo decided that they were primed for a release. Their self-titled album Shadow & Light was released in June, 2014. The mid-summer album comprised 10 tracks in English and Hindi. Infused with Hindustani classical, pop, jazz and electronica, the songs radiate a cinematic yet contemporary vibe. Pavithra's classically trained voice moulds each song into a soul-touching melody, and is complemented by Anindo's lush musical arrangements. Songs like Dream Gone Wrong, Tadap and Blue reflect feelings of guilt, longing and insecurity, while others (Unkahi and Khwaish) convey a more cheerful and promising outlook towards life.The band's second album, Elements (February 2016), also comprised 10 songs. It was richer and bolder, and took a more romantic route as opposed to feelings of anguish and pain in their previous album. Anindo's profound and intense arrangements blended various genres into a cinematic arrangement. The result was an immersive album that appealed to average and discerning listeners alike. It included songs like Baras, Broken Boundaries, Saavre and Dua (mostly around love). The last song has also been made into a music video.They released their critically acclaimed 3rd album "Sabar" with Artist Originals in February 2018

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