Raxstar is a British Rapper from Luton Town who first came to prominence in 2005 with his producing partner Sunit. Their breakout single "Keep It Undercover" documented young love and the internal conflict when choosing between following your heart and going against parental expectations or conforming.

This duality is an integral part of my identity as a British Asian. The culture I inherited and the one I was brought up in are worlds apart but there are millions like me who are also trying to figure it all out. Music is my creative outlet to explore that journey.This unique perspective allowed Raxstar to create songs like "Jaaneman" "Sun Raha" and "Ankhiyaan" drawing from the influences of Bollywood and the smooth R&B records he grew up with. The mixtapes Lost Ones (2008), Spring Cleaning (2010), About A Girl (2011) and Late On Time (2012) continued to showcase his work ethic, versatile subject matter and lyrical prowess. Seen as the go-to-guy for rap features, Raxstar has also collaborated with over 100 artists and this list continues to grow. Songs such as Queen (w/ Zack Knight), Poison, Signs (w/ Mickey Singh) and Bandook (w/ Badshah) have led Raxstar to tour all over the UK as well as internationally. 2018 will see the release of his long awaited debut project Glass Ceiling.

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