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Naezy or Naved Shaikh is a popular rapper and hip hop artist from Mumbai. Naezy (short for "Naved is Crazy") uses Mumbai's street culture as inspiration for his unique rhymes that are vivid and poignant. He is known for the compelling storytelling of his rhymes that are peppered with slang and accompanied by effortlessly flowing beats.

Naezy released his first single Aafat in January 2014 which gathered over 450,000 views on YouTube. His next single Mere Gully Mein brought him recognition on the Indie music circuit in India. 'Bombay 70' was inspired by it, and won the Silver Gateway Award for Best Short Film at the Mumbai film festival. The song was also the inspiration behind Zoya Akhtar's upcoming movie Gully Boy.

Naezy puts a message across through his music. His sociopolitical single Haq Hai, rants about authoritarian crackdown on dissent and attempts to curb free speech in the country. In Asal Hustle, he sings about growing up in a ghetto in Mumbai where it is all too easy to fall on the wrong side of the law. But the real hustle is to keep pushing until you succeed without breaking the law. At the start of 2017, Naezy released Tehelka, a new single that called out the shallow lyricism of current Indian hiphop through the use of witty wordplay and also shares his vision for the future of Indian hiphop.

Naezy is the first rapper to be launched on Saavn "Artist Originals" a project that brings upcoming new artists to light with the single Azaad Hu Mai. Neazy is planning to release his debut EP soon.

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