Jasmin Walia


Jasmin Walia is a popular British singer, actress and TV personality of Indian origin. She first rose to limelight after her impressive success on the UK TV show The Only Way Is Essex. She was also recognized for her regular appearances on shows like Desi Rascals and Dinner Date.

Having received a formal training in music since childhood, Jasmin ventured into releasing her own songs. She quit the ITV show TOWIE in 2015, and leveraged her popularity to debut with her music and acting career. Extremely popular with the media, she has featured in nearly all of UK's national newspapers and magazines. Since a very young age, Jasmin's life has revolved around acting and singing. She not only received training in music but also attended Theatre School part time whilst pursuing academics. Jasmin was recently voted Britain's Sexiest Asian in the UK alongside Zayn Malik.Jasmin Walia began singing in 2012, when she released the single Dum Dee Dee Dum with the Bollywood music label T-Series. The upbeat Punjabi-English track had bouncy lyrics and a catchy tune. The song gathered upward of 8 million views on YouTube and was a smash hit, reaching No. 1 on the charts. Her next single, Girl Like Me, was another peppy song that received a massive number views on YouTube. She received much appreciation for letting her voice quality and range take centerstage in this song. Go Down (2017) was noted for its coquettish lyrics and great style, while her next solo single Temple (2017) was a beautifully sung blend of Hindi and English lyrics. With an upbeat tempo accompanied by a beautifully shot video, it's no surprise that Temple is clocking over 5 million views.Her latest hit Bom Diggy (2017) is a catchy Punjabi-English song featuring frequent collaborator Zack Knight. Jasmin came on board with Saavn's Artist Originals program for this song, and said 'I'm glad Saavn and our team have finally all come together. They shared the same vision as me and Zack about the record. I think it's great how much they believe in the song which is the most important thing'. Jasmin has also just recently finished playing the role of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin where she featured in 39 theatre shows u2013 both singing and acting.

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