Deep Dollas


In the current Punjabi industry - Hip Hop and Mc'ing are very new elements to the music and is something Punjabi artists are adjusting to. Deep Dollas is a natural born Punjabi emcee hailing from California, United States.

His unique voice and flow makes him one of the most sought after rappers in the Punjabi game. His rap style and lyrics reflect his lifestyle and Punjabi upbringing in the west coast. Deep has been rapping since he was a kid but started recording and making music once he realized the need for organic lyricism and flow in the Punjabi rap game. In the past few years he has released many original songs on Soundcloud, "Saheli" & "Rab Nu" to name a few which continue to get love from all over the globe. Along with being a rapper, Deep is also a skilled audio engineer and producer with a fully equipped working studio in his house. This allows him to experiment and come up with new styles and raps and even more importantly be independent and collaborate with other artists. Deep is gifted in his art form and is known for recording his raps in one-takes.

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